How would it feel to be able to hit your running goals injury-free?

Here's your chance to get a Gap-Free Running Assessment this week valued at $214 and is for people with private health insurance with podiatry cover.  For those who don't have private health insurance, the assessment is only $49*.

Offer limited to 3 people each week

The GAP FREE Expert Running Assessment is for you if:

  • You have never run before and we want it as a new form of fitness or you want to lose weight
  • You are prone to injuries in the past and want a more robust running body.
  • You want to achieve a personal best and run faster

IMPORTANT NOTE - It's important that you seek professional advice regarding your health during this time.   The Australian Government is encouraging people who need medical help/healthcare to leave their homes to get the appropriate treatment.  It goes without saying that all social distancing rules must be followed travelling both to and from the clinic.

We have been classified as a low volume low risk clinic. All our practitioners have completed the Government COVID-19 Infection Control Risk Course, we are wiping down all equipment after use and practicing social distancing where applicable.  If however you do not wish to leave your home, or you're experiencing symptoms, in quarantine, or have been in direct contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, then please consider requesting a FREE 20 MINUTE VIDEO CONSULT to get advice on your running goals.

Your Expert Running Assessment Includes:

  • Comprehensive history of your running/fitness history including injuries
  • Full Biomechanical Assessment
  • Computerised Movement Analysis Screen
  • Computerised Gait and Running Technique Analysis
  • Detailed Program outlining your Goals, Accountability Tools and Injury Prevention Measures

At the end of the GAP FREE RUNNING ASSESSMENT, you will:

Become crystal clear about how to achieve your goals

Understand how to become an injury free runner

Have future access to your personalised running and strength and conditioning program

*Normally valued at $214 but you have no out of pocket expense if you have podiatry Cover. If you have no podiatry cover - no problem. You only pay $49.  Offer limited to 3 people each week.

Who is this offer for?

It is for first-time patients who are motivated to get fixed.  We get great outcomes for our patients and if you are not motivated this reduces our success rates and hurts our great reputation. If you are coming in to grab something for free, but are not motivated to make your appointment we will be wasting our time and more importantly someone else's opportunity to get achieve the outcome they want. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or do not attend you will not be able to claim the Gap Free Assessment again at the SA Running Injury Clinic. We have a long list of patients requesting this offer and have only three to give away every week.

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