Imagine controlling blood sugar levels and losing weight as part of diabetes management

We're offering 3 Gap-Free Exercise Diabetes/Weight Loss Assessments this week valued at $124 and is for people with private health insurance with podiatry cover.  For those who don't have private health insurance, the assessment is only $39.

Regular exercise is an important part of diabetes management!

BUT the hardest part is getting started with an exercise program. Going to a local gym can be intimidating and regular personal training can be costly so this is where we might be able to assist.

The GAP FREE Exercise Diabetes Assessment is for people with high blood sugar levels which can lead to health complications particularly the eyes, kidneys and feet. Your doctors and medical staff have probably already informed you of this

Your GAP FREE Exercise Diabetes / Weight Loss Assessment Includes:

  • A comprehensive history of diagnosis and current management, lifestyle and other medical conditions
  • Tests to determine your current fitness/strength
  • Information on the benefits of exercise with regard to your blood sugar levels
  • Setting an exercise program based on your goals

Normally valued at $124 but you have no out of pocket expense if you have podiatry Cover. If you have no extras cover - no problem.  You only pay $39.

INCLUDED is your first group exercise session with only 2-4 people

This is a research-based exercise program designed by university trained exercise physiologists

At the end of the GAP FREE Exercise Diabetes assessment, you will:

Become crystal clear about how exercise can help reduce blood sugar levels

Have a recommendation on whether the exercise program is right for you and your circumstances

Who is this offer for?

It is for first-time patients who are motivated to get fixed.  We get great outcomes for our patients and if you are not motivated this reduces our success rates and hurts our great reputation. If you are coming in to grab something for free, but are not motivated to control your blood sugar levels and/or losing weight we will be wasting our time and more importantly someone else's opportunity to take control of their diabetes management.  If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or do not attend you will not be able to claim the Gap Free Assessment again at the SA Running Injury Clinic. We have a long list of patients requesting this offer and have only three to give away every week.

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